Help your kids learn team building skills!

The Akeakami Quest is instrumental in helping kids work as teammates on a team – at any age. It is an e-Learning tool for team-building. It is a multi-player, interactive game that unlocks the potential of your kids and their friends. The game is designed to improve the focus, commitment and motivation of any child or their friends.

It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills. It builds trust and respect. Gelling will have a minimum of five (2) and a maximum of nine (7) teammates.

In an age of team based work, great teamwork is essential for children to learn Imagine that, your kids and their teams actually having fun while learning Team building skills!

Great game playing experience for childrenWhich means Good eye and hand coordination skills.
Great game playing experience for childrenWhich means Perhaps there first challenging experience – how to solve a problem.
Great family entertainment experienceWhich means Moms and Dads get to lead, encourage, and advise children on tactics.
Great gift for grandchildrenWhich means A way to place your grandchildren ahead of their counterparts with a true skills-based game.



one time payment

Single License
Multiplayer game
Browser: Chrome, IE, Mozilla