Trainers, Agile Coaches, or Scrum Masters, distinguish yourself from the pack.

Let this game help you bring your “A Game”!
Whether you are a trainer, agile coach or scrum master, you can jazz up your technique with exercises that are interactive and fun. Introduce team building concepts in a fun and entertaining way. The magic of the game is that it reinforces team building concepts all while teams are having fun.

Use each minute of a day as a way to teach teams how to work together. As a coach or scrum master bring the game five minutes to a daily stand up, or a retrospective, and challenge your team to do better each time.
The Akeakami Quest is web base multiplayer game.


  • Multiplayer: allows any team member located anywhere on this earth to join their team in a fun environment.
  • Observer mode: as a manager, trainer, or coach you can quietly observe your team and monitor their progress
  • Reward system: to keep your teams coming back for more, on completion of a level they are rewarded a badge level. In addition to badge levels, they will obtain badges for being the “Best Thrower”, “Best Catcher”, and “Most Helpful”. When the team gets to collaborating they will earn the “Team” badge, and when they are coordinated they will earn the “Synergy” badge.
  • Score System:  to challenge your teams! Get your teams’ competitive juices going and get company wide momentum with a face off, displaying the teams with the highest scores. And or promote those teams that have reached the “Team or Synergy” badge.




Multiplayer game
Seven Licenses
Observer Mode