The Akeakami Quest is a multiplayer online agile game base learning that unlocks the potential of your team. Combined with Agile practices, the game can improve the focus, commitment and motivation of your team. It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills, builds trust and respect, and helps teams to achieve a level of quality that they may not have been able to reach alone.


  • Multiplayer: allows any team member located anywhere on this earth to join their team in a fun environment.
  • Observer mode: as a manager, trainer, or coach you can quietly observe your team and monitor their progress
  • Reward System: to keep your teams coming back for more, on completion of a level they are rewarded a badge level. In addition to badge levels, they will obtain badges for being the “Best Thrower”, “Best Catcher”, and “Most Helpful”. When the team gets to collaborating they will earn the “Team” badge, and when they are coordinated they will earn the “Synergy” badge.
  • Score System:  to challenge your teams! Get your teams’ competitive juices going and get company wide momentum with a face off, displaying the teams with the highest scores. And or promote those teams that have reached the “Team or Synergy” badge.
  • Scorm: the game will communicate what badges have been earned by your teams, what level they have met, and if they completed the team building course.
  • Team Building Course: to wrap all of this in a nice bow, we created this team building guide for your team, scrum master, technical lead, sales manager, and etc. And if that is not enough, we added templates for team norms, and definition of done.

Here is what the Akeakami Quest is specifically designed to do for businesses: Small, Mid-Size, or Enterprise:

It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills among any teamWhich means Faster time-to-Beta development to trial new products. Faster time-to-market for new products.
It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills among Scrum and Agile teamsWhich means Problems and uncertainty can be dealt with as part of the process to solve problems and move the team ahead.
Provide development teams with real-world opportunities and challenges Which means The opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate among development teams.
Provide software developers the opportunity to role play among Scrum teamsWhich means The opportunity to find leaders among Scrum teams who will lead work assignments, coordinate, and get work done on the basis of ‘who can accomplish what’ during a Sprint.
Provide software developers the an actual hands-on game experience such as a Scrum team to solve problemsWhich means Sharpens the software developer’s skills using a game, while preparing them for future real-world product development.
Helps bring the team into focus as a unit to choose a Scrum MasterWhich means The software developers get to specifically choose their leader to achieve the most important things for Scrum: facilitate Scrum meetings, and provide the necessary resources for the Scrum Team.
Gelling provides 9 levels of challenges Which means An opportunity to “correct” team behavior during the game. This prevents incorrect Scrum team behavior from entering real-world Scrums.
Up to 9 players [7 players +/- 2. Can be played with small teams even less than five, and played as solo* with restrictions.Which means Gelling challenges any team. Ideal for right-sized Scrum teams to play and coordinate.
Gelling provide Scrum teams and software developers a means to get them to talkWhich means An open forum for an exchange of ideas in true Scrum fashion where there really is no ‘leader’. Rather a true team that decides how much work can be done and who can achieve the most for a specific job inside a Scrum.
Bills trust and respect among Scrum team membersWhich means Better operations and smoother flow for Scrum teams
Bills trust, respect among Scrum team members and better coordination with product management, program management, IT teams Which means Better overall operations for the organization



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Multiplayer game
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Observer Mode
Team Building Training Content
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