Team Building

Kickstarter image - 1-2Your team will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. This course introduce agile concepts to help your teams develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver.Using gamification, learners will discover how teams evolve, understand their colleagues better, improve their communication skills, play to their different strengths and improve their team’s performance.

In a nut shell, this comprehensive, effective and affordable course equips your team members to work effectively as a team.


Topics covered:

  • • Definition of a Team
  • • Team Psychology
  • • Stages of team development
  • • Common team dysfunctions
  • • Effective communication
  • • What is a Self-Organized Team
  • • How to become Self-Organized
  • • Characteristics of Dysfunctional Teams


  • • Know more about your colleagues.
  • • Be able to describe what makes a high performing team.
  • • Understand the importance of playing to different strengths and skills.
  • • Recognise the need for clear and effective communication.
  • • Recognize dysfunctional team behavior
  • • Know how to shape into a self-organized team